My work in applied ecology focuses on use inspired basic research (i.e. Pasteur’s Quadrant).  It includes two separate approaches: first, I seek to inform conservation and management by building a better understanding of how basic biological systems operate. Second, I conduct research that directly addresses questions in conservation, management, and ecosystem restoration. For example, during my PhD I evaluated the how density-dependent population dynamics can modify the response of fish populations to the destruction and restoration of habitat. I have also recently been involved in a handful of other conservation and management projects including topics such as fragmentation ecology, ecosystem services and ecosystem based management through marine protected areas.

More recently working as part of the Ocean Tipping Points project based at the Northwest Fisheries Science Center (NOAA) and National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) I have conducted a series of studies integrating basic food web ecology to improve restoration success of apex predators and identify prescriptions for generating social-ecological systems that are robust to future natural and anthropogenic disturbance.


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