My work in early recruitment dynamics primarily focuses on recruitment processes, particularly how the strength and direction of density-dependent mortality shifts with predator foraging behavior, habitat features, and stage-structured interactions. In these studies I  have primarily used coral reef fish as a model; however, i have also worked on density-dependent dynamics in snails and corals. For example, one component of my dissertation explored how the availability and spatial arrangement of coral (i.e. focal corals adjacent or distant to other availability coral habitat) influenced spatial patterns of settlement of reef fishes. Using an experiment I found that corals in areas of high habitat availability experienced lower levels of settlement than isolated corals, suggesting neighboring habitats “compete” with focal corals, preventing settlers from reaching focal corals. I then used this experimental data to parameterize a model incorporating post-settlement competitive dynamics to show that increases in habitat availability can have much greater recruitment despite only minor increases in larval supply by reducing exploitative competition for predator-free space.


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